Homeopathy for anger and resentment

Homeopathic remedies can assist people who want to work on their emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development. The remedies can help people who strive to achieve a more positive mindset and a feeling of well being. Negative moods, thoughts and actions can bring about imbalances. Why do negative emotional characteristics exist? We inherit certain personality traits just as we inherit certain physical features. Homeopathic remedies do not profoundly change the personality of the individual.

It is individual differences which make life so rich. Homeopathic remedies help to restore balance within the personality. For example, a chronic worrier can become an occasional worrier, a highly critical and judgmental person can become more tolerant, and a person with a poor self-image can gain more self-confidence.

The following are some personality imbalances and homeopathic remedies which address them. Arrogance: Low self-esteem is usually behind the haughtiness and arrogance of an individual. The person overcompensates for feeling so unworthy. Platina metallicum is a prominent remedy used for this state of mind.

Hyperactive children who argue constantly, insist they are always right, are impatient and have contempt for others, soften and lose their edge with Platina. Fastidiousness: There are certain degrees of perfectionism. Arsenicum album, Ignatia, Nux vomica and Thuya are some of the homeopathic remedies used to rebalance an overly meticulous personality. These thoughts go on and on, like a broken record, disturbing their concentration and peace of mind.

This phenomenon varies in intensity and duration. Lachesis is one remedy which can help people come to terms with the issues at hand. It also helps to dissipate any anger, irritability or frustration that goes along with the thoughts. Women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome often find that this behavioral pattern becomes more prominent during certain times of the month. Lachesis is often used for women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome or who are menopausal.

Grief and Depression: The loss of a loved one can leave a deep feeling of sadness that can be felt again and again when certain memories or thoughts about that person are triggered. Homeopathic remedies can help the grieving come to terms with the loss and can lessen the impact of the shock. Ignatia is used for recent bereavement. Natrum muriaticum is commonly used for depression and is especially helpful when the death of a loved one has occurred in the past. The person has never been the same since and has developed a melancholy nature, withdrawing and not living life to its fullest.

For the person who suffers from depression most of his life, is highly responsible and tends to be a workaholic, Aurum metallicum is used. The Aurum metallicum type of personality blames himself when things go wrong in life. The person feels as if a dark cloud is overhead, eliminating all joy and light. Suicidal thoughts and even attempts are characteristic of this deep type of depression. Physical symptoms often involve heart problems such as high blood pressure or palpitations. Lack of Self-Confidence: Staphasagria is for the person whose poor self-image derives from a past hurt that is followed by suppressed anger.

The person feels a need to please everyone and has a fear of how they appear to others.

My top ten stressbusters

There can also be a deep fear of abandonment and rejection. Staphasagria is a well-indicated remedy for those who have been sexually abused in the past or have been abandoned emotionally by their parents.Psychology Today offers ten ways to overcome toxic resentment in this article.

Homeopathy also works to help us forgive, forget, and reconnect with positive energy. Repeated disappointments occurring within a relationship that started out with chemistry and optimism eventually entrench themselves.

The result is a hard-to-kick resentment that can include physical as well as emotional and mental symptoms. In the Sepia remedy state for example, a woman most often the case finds that in general her energy stagnates: the abdomen bloats, skin lesions never entirely heal, hot flushes and exhaustion are frequent.

The emotional profile includes apathy, aversion to being contradicted and sarcastic wit. In the previous instance concerning Sepia we noticed resentment susceptibility being rooted in a positive quality, the natural optimism of the woman. Such a woman as it is mostly, but not in every instance attracts a man who both exasperated by and inclined to exploit her tendency to martyrdom over a long period of time comes to dominate her with his will.

The result, a remedy state very much like Sepia includes features such as hormonal dysregulation, slowness of illness recovery, and fatigue. Unlike the Sepia woman the Folliculinum woman is not kidding herself. Unconfused, she is fully aware of having been treated like a doormat and resents it. How fortunate that the remedy can free her from this mindset. As a further note, made from ovarian hormone Folliculinum rebalances the hormones of a woman who after lengthy reliance on birth control pills is now coming off of them.

Initially, every boy believes his father is a god. This means that even if a strict disciplinarian the father has values issuing from on high. But should that father become both mean and hypocritical, resentment festers in that boy. Though striving mightily to hide his anger, he can grow up embittered. In such an instance, meaning an Ammonium Carbonicum remedy state, he comes to suffer from having to suppress his rage.

What emerges is a state of general uncleanliness with breathing difficulty, biting and burning pains, a sensitivity to damp, cold weather and even obesity that the Ammonium Carbonicum remedy can work its magic to evict.

The result is a remedy that releases man or a woman from entrenched bitterness relating to sex or money having been withheld. How cool is that? A remedy to expunge the toxic charge of denied sex! As they almost but never quite say in the television commercials, if you are stuck in resentment talk to your homeopath! You must be logged in to post a comment. Four kinds of resentment your homeopath can help you to shake by Jerry Kantor Jul 3, Homeopathy 0 comments.

Sepia Resentment because disappointed too many times Repeated disappointments occurring within a relationship that started out with chemistry and optimism eventually entrench themselves. Folliculinum Resentful because treated like a doormat In the previous instance concerning Sepia we noticed resentment susceptibility being rooted in a positive quality, the natural optimism of the woman.

Ammonium Carbonicum Resentful because my father is a hypocrite Initially, every boy believes his father is a god. Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Make a Donation Join Login.

Use the following remedies for everyday stress-busting. These are the ones I recommend most often as simple healing solutions to some of life's most common stresses. Any potency will do—the one you have at hand is the very best of all. Less is more For a recent stress, a dose or two will often suffice. Take it according to the severity of your symptoms—more often every hours for a serious stress and less often every hours for a less serious situation.

Stop as soon as improvement sets in and repeat it if your symptoms return. If you've taken 6 doses and it hasn't helped, then it probably isn't going to Diligent tracking Don't forget to make a note of the remedy that helps and how and why you took it so you can use the information for future similar situations.

It's such a drag to forget the one remedy that helped you so much and now you need it again but you can't remember which one it was. About the author: Miranda Castro is a British homeopath who has been living happily in the U. She lives, practices, and teaches in Southeast Florida and can be contacted at mirandacastro comcast. Register Today. Learn how to find a homeopathic treatment for yourself or your family.

Find a Remedy. Donate today so we can help even more! Learn More. Find out why you should join or renew today! Become a Member. P: Search form Search. Home Contact Us Donate Store. Arnica Injury A bang to the head, a bruise to any part of the body, a sprained joint or a broken bone.

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homeopathy for anger and resentment

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Very critical or judgmentsl towards others behaviour. The remedy helps to encourage tolerance and understanding, and as this happens the irritability fades. For uncontrolled outbursts of anger. Uncontrollable angerimpulsive or voilent at times. Everything just seems too much all of a sudden. Hard masters. Always hurried.

homeopathy for anger and resentment

Easliy offended. Restless irritation.Staphysagria homeopathic remedy may be appropriate for you if you have noticed that you have resentment building and have difficulty expressing anger or other emotions. Homeopathy is a science developed by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Extracts from plants, flowers, herbs and different parts of animals are made into tinctures and pellets.

Widely use in Europe, homeopathy has been gaining ground in the U. Staphysagria is also known as stavesacre or Delphinium staphysagria.

It is palmated larkspur. Learn more to see if staphysagria is appropriate for you. Determine if you have complaints such as sties, cystititis, neuralgia general physical weaknessinflammation of the eyelid or headaches that originate at the back of the head and move towards the eyes. Assess if you fit the profile of a person who would benefit from staphysagria. Suppressed anger is the hallmark of this remedy: people who may have been raised in environments where anger could not be expressed often as adults hold a great deal of unexpressed anger.

Be aware of your emotional state to see if staphysagria is appropriate for you. A person who may have "low self-esteem but is also a very sweet person," may benefit from this remedy, says Dr. Randy Martin, Ph. This person may also have "a history of emotional or physical attack or emotional abuse," Dr.

Martin says, and once the remedy is taken, suppressed anger may finally be released. Purchase staphysagria as an alcohol-based homeopathic tincture or as sweetened pellets. Read the directions for each: Drops are taken under the tongue without water.

It is best to not drink water or other liquids half an hour before or after taking a homeopathic remedy. Pellets should be allowed to dissolve under the tongue. Avoid caffeine and mint products such as toothpaste and chewing gum as these items will block the effects of any homeopathic remedy. Consult with a licensed homeopath or your doctor if you feel you have so much anger that it interferes with your ability to function at home or at work. Video of the Day.

Resources Staphysagria, Homeopathy Dr. How to Take Lycopodium Homeopathic Remedy. Alcohol's Effects on the Senses. Natural Antidiuretic Herbs.

Homeopathic Remedies for Stomach Pain. Cantharis Side Effects. How to Make Wormwood Tea.Antimonium crud. One dose only : Cannot bear to be touched or looked at. When done so, feels angry. Arum triph.

Anger Management with homeopathy - Explained By Dr Tarun

One dose only : Trembling when angry. Must quarrel with somebody or beat and hit children to give vent to his feelings. Chamomilla One dose only : Anger in children who are irritable.

They will want this or that and refuse and throw it away when offered. Anger almost furious. Anger results in diarrhoea. Perspires when angry. Colocynthis One dose only : Abdominal pain after anger.

Great indignation and other ill effects of anger. Crocus sativus One dose only : Anger with violence followed by repentance, laughs a lot, involuntarily. Lycopodium One dose only : Angry due to a feeling of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Cowardice with a fear of future events. Nux vomica One dose only : Violent temper. Cannot bear contradiction. Generally irritable and angry. Anger from loud noises which are painful.

The anger may lead to indigestion.

homeopathy for anger and resentment

Very impatient and difficult to live with. Nux vomica One dose onlyAurum met. One dose only : Anger from least contradiction and disagreement.

Four kinds of resentment your homeopath can help you to shake

Phosphorus One dose only : It is specially indicated in children who have a wild temper. Always fighting with other children, and even with mother and teachers. Staphysagria One dose only : Ill-effects of anger and insults. Colic after anger. Suppressed anger and indignation which results in uncontrollable outbreaks of anger. Tarentula his. One dose only : Anger which often results in violence.

Anger from contradictions.The short answer is yes. Homeopathy has an excellent safety record. Its remedies are non-toxic and, when correctly chosen, stimulate the body to heal and correct its own problems.

This following list contains 14 of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies drawn from the homeopathic materia medicas for labour and birthing problems. These remedies will not interfere or interact with other treatment being given. Instructions and guidelines for dosing are at the end of the article. Tags: painremediesremedysymptoms.

If you liked the information on this page you may also enjoy our regular newsletter, full of information, news, discounts, and offers. Subscribe here. Fourteen Commonly Used Birth Remedies Aconite napellus Acon : Contractions feel violent and intense, producing a state of fear and anxiety. Restless, agitated and fearful that may die. Baby appears shocked and frightened after birth. Arnica montana Arn — Feel bruised, sore, as if beaten during labour.

Relieves soft tissue damage perineum or abdomen following birth or caesarian section — reduces swelling, bruising, and risk of infection, and promotes healing. Useful for caput or cephalohaematoma of newborn. Arsenicum album Ars — Anxious restlessness leading to physical exhaustion. Chilly with anxiety. Perineal infections following childbirth. Bellis perennis Bell-p — For bruised, sore pelvic or abdominal tissues following birth or Caesarean section.

Bellis often follows well after Arnica, or when Arnica fails to relieve the discomfort or pain. Caulophyllum Caul — False labour where pains fly about the abdomen. Rigid cervix with pricking pains — cervix fails to dilate.

Contractions become irregular and cease. Cimicifuga racemosa Cimic — Cervix spasms and becomes rigid on examination. Uterus ascends high into the abdomen during contraction.

Pains fly from side to side of the abdomen. Irregular but painful contractions. Note: Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga can be alternated 15 minutes apart when contractions are irregular and it is hard to determine which remedy is needed. Cease upon contractions becoming established and regular. Extremely irritable or angry. No matter what is offered or done, it is not right. Hands and feet cold. Gelsemium sempervirens Gels — Weakness and exhaustion — difficult to support weight.

Muscles tremble with the effort of movement.

Homeopathy Medicines And Remedies For Anger, Outbursts And Irritability

Contractions weaken and cease. Hypericum perforatum Hyper — Shooting nerve pains following perineal damage or caesarian section. Kali-carbonicum Kali-c — Irregular contractions. Pain of contractions felt mainly in the back ie — with posterior postion babies.


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